Status Report

2020 Annual Report

Demand for Computers
The pandemic of 2020 changed how we do business.  As you can imagine, the demand for Chromebooks and laptop computers exploded early in the year as more and more parents and children were forced to stay home. Families, especially low income families, were not prepared to use the internet for schooling and jobs. And, of course, the devices had to have cameras and our greatest demand has been for Chromebooks
Supply of Used Computers
The supply side of our business also changed dramatically. We stopped receiving computers from organizations that had consistently provided their used computers for many years. It is understandable because they felt responsible to help their own employees, families, and students get computers for home use.
New Sources for Used Computers
Fortunately, we found several recycling companies that purchase used computers from school districts that agreed to sell the devices to us for a small markup. We were also selected by an accounting firm to receive all of their computers when they moved to a new location.
Revenue and Expenses
On an average, we purchased used Chromebooks for $30 and used laptops for $50. The clients that received devices paid an administrative fee equal to our direct costs. The fee for Chromebooks was $30, laptops $50, and desktops with monitors $40. 
  Even at these very low prices, many, especially single mothers and beginning students, struggled to pay the fee. For those who could not pay the full fee, we reduced the fee, thanks to the kind donations of others.
We also started mailing Chromebooks to clients in Utah who could not come to the office.
The very low fee for computers is possible because most of the indirect costs are donated. Administrate labor, the use of the building, and accounting services are all donated. 
Gratefully, because of the generous financial contributions of many others, TechCharities has been able to cover the costs of goods sold and other overhead expenses such as utilities, insurance, office supplies, and shipping.
We are grateful for the support we receive from the community to help cover the administrative costs of refurbishing and distributing computers.  including
  • Sorenson Legacy Foundation                                 Financial
  • Derrick and Rebecca Porter Foundation              Financial and Office Lease
  • Spencer and Kristine Eccles Family Foundation Financial
  • BooksSmarts  Accounting Services                       Accounting support
  • Microsoft                                                                   Windows 10 and Office 2019
  • Gardner and Lisa Brown                                         Financial
  • Lynn and Kathy Samsel                                           Financial
  • Many other personal and on-line donations
We are especially grateful for the many volunteers who helped manage, refurbish, and distribute the computers.   
About 30% of the computers given to families and students are given to those who come to the office for assistance.  The remaining 70 % of the computers are distributed through other community agencies such as Utah Association for the Blind, Catholic Community Services, IRC, The Asian Association, International Rescue Committee, Work Force Services, Good Samaritan, and BYU Pathway.
In 2020, perhaps because of Covid 19, we established partnerships with many new agencies that we had not worked with previously, including Weber Adult Education, Utah Department of Corrections, Columbus School, Refugee Support Services, and Holy Cross Ministries.  
Distribution – the bottom line (subject to breaking evening financially)
We feel successful if those who leave our office feel a little more encouraged and hopeful in accomplishing their goals. We hope to provide computers and build their confidence.  It is easy to measure the number of computers given during the year; it is not so easy to measure the effects of technical training or trying to build confidence. During 2020, TechCharities distributed 690 computers.
Computers and Chromebooks distributed
to students, families, and others in need
Desktops and Laptops
325 (est.)

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