National Christina Foundation – Closing the Gap: Part II

The supply of good used computers is what we need most.
We have great technicians, volunteers, and a long line of deserving people who need computers. Supply is the constraint.
Last November, the National Christina Foundation arranged a large donation from a local company. It was a gift.   
45 Laptops 271 Desktops 547 Monitors
Moving the computers  was just the beginning. We placed a number on every computer.  
The serial number of every hard drive was scanned and cataloged.
And the data from each hard drive was then erased using Department of Defence standards or its equivalent.
Next the fun part: getting the computers ready for our clients – cleaning, vacuuming, installing Windows 10 and a word processing program, and testing.
It is an investment with great returns. Such a small effort to give a used computer with enormous benefits.  (Remember Econ 101?  We are a long ways from MR=MC)
As one grateful clients said, in his words: 
Great initiative. Appreciated. Keep up the good work. If one person from a single family got education, he/she can change the entire situation. Cheers & Kudos!!
Last week, Maria and her small daughter drove 30 miles from Ogden to Salt Lake to get a computer. She is taking an adult education class to finish high school.
Her teacher said she needed a computer. She has never had a computer.  We gave her a Lenovo Thinkpad T440 with 16 Gb Ram, a new 180 solid state drive, with Windows 10. 
Ha, she had no idea how nice that gift was, but she will soon. Thanks to the National Christina Foundation and a generous donor.
Here are two more happy clients, thanks again to the generous donation.   The lady on the right selected both a desktop and a laptop that were donated by our local company.
It is easy. Go to the  closet and find your old computers that are gathering dust. If you want to keep the hard drive, no problem. If you want us to clean your hard drive, again, no problem.
Help close the technology gap. It is a win, win for everyone.

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