Status Report

2021 Annual Report

TechCharities provides free or nearly free computers and training to help qualified individuals and charitable agencies reach their goals. 
The wide range of needs is shown in the few statements below.
I work at the Glendale Library in Salt Lake City, and I’m emailing you on behalf of a library patron who is trying to find a place where they could get a laptop, hopefully for free. 
 If you could give me some information to pass on to this person, that would be helpful! Thanks so much.
I’d like to buy a set of laptops/Chromebooks for our current refugees in bulk, would you please let me know if you currently have affordable laptops and/or Chromebooks for us to purchase? And when can I come to pick them up, please? Thanks. Catholic Community Services
Hello, I represent the East Mill Creek North Stake. We have a Swahili branch needing computers to participate in an English Connect Course. We are looking for 14 units of whatever can work most easily for these individuals learning English and basic skills. Thank you for your assistance!
Hi, I am 35 years old and barely scrapping by with bills and living expenses. I was found guilty of a felony in 2017 and served time finally being released in March of 2020. I hope to never be on the wrong side of the law again. … However, I have yet to be able to afford a computer with the specs that are required by the college for its online course work. I’m hoping that I can receive assistant from your organization. Thank you for your consideration.
How do you get a job or attend school without a computer?  A computer device is essential in today’s economy, and we are grateful for donors and volunteers that make it possible to help others in need.
During 2021 TechCharities provided 833 computers including laptops, Chromebooks, and desktops. The Utah Department of Workforce Services and BYU Pathway continue to be the two largest customers of TechCharities.
Many of our clients have never used a laptop or Chromebook before. When they leave our office, we hope that they leave with both a computer and a little added confidence that they can make the computer work.   
We have added an email address to help clients get started. When they access this site, we will help them answer their questions:
Providing better support for clients is a major focus for us in 2022.  We are looking for volunteers to help with this important phase of training. 

Another focus for TechCharities in 2022 is to expand and improve our support for qualified students in Africa. 

New Working Partnership with The Lord’s Hands in Africa
BYU Pathway senior missionaries purchase about 75 Chromebooks each year from TechCharities and, at their own expense, ship them to students in Africa. 
In October of 2021, TechCharities established a working relationship with a non-profit agency in Africa called The Lord’s Hands. The Lord’s Hands is an African based, non-government organization established to assist qualifying BYU Pathway students, and others in need regardless of their religion or ethnicity.
Starting in October, TechCharities worked with The Lord’s Hands to ship 40 laptop computers each month to students in Africa. Upon arrival in Africa, The Lord’s Hands coordinates the delivery of the laptops to the recipients throughout Africa.
TechCharities plans to continue shipping 40 laptops to Africa each month during 2022.

Volunteers and donations make it possible to provide nearly free computers to those in need

The administrative fee for a Dell OptiPlex 990 with 8 GB Ram is only $30 and that includes the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and cables.
That is a great buy!
Most laptops are about $50, and Chromebooks range from  $35 to $50
If a client is not able to pay the small administrative fee, we provide the device free.
Source and Use of Funds
Financial funding for computers comes from grants and administrative fees paid by clients.  Administrative fees are suggested to help the client feel ownership and to help cover a small portion of the refurbishing cost.
The average cost of a computer distributed was $41 dollars as compared to the average retail value of $350. In 2021, administrative fees from clients were $33,083 or 63 % of the total income.  See the attached 2021 financial statement.
TechCharities can give free or nearly free computers to those in need because of the generous donations, support, and volunteer labor of others. See the attached list of donations.
Our primary focus in the past has been to provide computer support to those in need in Utah and surrounding states.  And this is still a primary focus of TechCharities.  Grants and financial support received for this purpose will continue to be used to support local needs.
The expanded role of TechCharities into Africa will be supported by additional grants that are provided for this specific purpose. Grants and other financial donations provided for Africa will be maintained in a separate account to help simplify monthly financial accounting and statements. 
The following chart shows the number of computers given over the past 2 years with estimates for 2022.
Local Domestic Distribution
2022 Estimate
Laptops and Desktops
Distribution to Africa in partnership with The Lord’s Hands
2022 Estimate
Total Computers
1330 Estimate *
*The 1,330 units forecasted for 2022 represent a 60% increase over 2021.  
Future Plans
During 2022 and over the next 3 years, TechCharities hopes to improve the level of service in several areas:
  1. Develop a plan and find ways to acquire more used laptops from local firms.
  2. Simplify and improve the process of shipping computers to Africa. (Cost, security, tracking, TSA compliance, and feedback from end user).
  3. Develop a more organized process for the end-user to receive basic computer training and to ask questions, as needed.

Acumen used to sanitize and duplicate drives

New pallet racking in storage shed

Box used t ship Chromebooks locally

Boxes with laptops for Africa

2021 Donations

Local Domestic Support
  • Sorenson Legacy Foundation                                    Financial
  • Spencer F. & Cleone P. Eccles Family Foundation Financial
  • Lynn and Kathy Samsel Family                                  Financial
  • Steve Harris, Acahand Foundation                            Financial
  • Lisa Brown                                                                     Financial
  • Derrick and Rebecca Porter Foundation                 Office Lease
  • Booksmarts Accounting Services                             Accounting support
  • Microsoft                                                                       Windows 10
  • Other personal and on-line donations
  • Michael Courtney Capital Cal IT                              Computers
  • Brian Lifferth, Northwestern Mutual                      Computers
  • Dwain Hiles, Great Basis College                             Computers
  • University of Utah Testing Center                           Computers
  • Jim Yardley, Norm Albiston, William McAllister   Administrative
Africa Support
  • Steve Kapila Mutombo, Founder, The Lord’s Hands Administrative
  • Alain Mpakola, Alex Omole                                            Administrative
  • David and Leslie Rupper Family Fund                         Financial
  • The Hutchins Family Revocable Trust                         Financial
  • Justin L. Nielsen                                                               Financial
  • Bryson and Jan Garbett                                                   Financial
  • KSLcom                                                                             Computers

Profit and Loss - January through December 2021

Accrual Basis, Booksmarts Accounting

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