Tribute to BYU Pathway Volunteers

Lorri is an instructor for BYU Pathway students in Uganda.   The students  think she is simply the best. And rightfully so. Each Thursday morning, she gets online from her home in Utah to help them with their assignments.  Recently, she went the third mile to help each of them get a computer.
Have you ever tried to ship anything from Utah to Uganda?  It is not easy.
Lorri used a lot of her own money and many others also helped. It was a team effort.
Lorri is one of many volunteers who is serving without pay to help BYU Pathway students. 

TechCharities shipped three boxes of computers to her students and here are some of the responses Lorri received:

Resty is on the left 


and Faith is on the right side with their new computers. 


The following letter is from Faith
On 12th January I received my blessing of a Chromebook, you just don’t know how receiving this blessing made me feel. It is a blessing to me and my family.
Studying was really hard and hectic on my side because I had to travel from home to church to access a computer to do my weekly assignments and at times, I would go back home late and find my babies asleep without even hugging them. That was really hurting me.
At home we had a laptop which was for my husband but at many times we would fight over it because at times he would want to use his laptop especially when he gets urgent issues and at the same time i would be using it, something that disturbed us a lot in our family.
But I am grateful that the disagreements were settled now and I also get enough time to do my assignments in the comfort of my home while watching my babies.


I would like to thank you for providing me with a computer. It is one huge challenge not to have a computer in this online education. I used to share a computer at the branch and was very conflicting at time  where  there might be about five people in need of using at the same time. I would go and use the computer at work place where there were many interruptions. With this great opportunity at hand ,


I will work hard to achieve my educational goals to attain my degree in marriage, family and human relations so that  through my passion of cherishing a functional healthy family many homes, families, relationships might experience life satisfaction and a higher quality of  closeness. 
From Resty ( on the left)
I am so grateful to you, your friends and family that has made it possible for us to continue our studies through pathway connect. I am very grateful for all your efforts, money, time, prayers and so many other things that you have done for me and my friends as well. My friends could not stop thanking me but honestly I owe this pleasure to you. 



Thank you so much. You have blessed us beyond measure because I personally, was struggling with handing in assignments on time because I had to use a phone and excel would not work very well on my phone. Plus, it is an old one since I was attacked by robbers and they took my phone that was functioning well.


I can’t find enough words to express my gratitude towards your support to me, it just feels like a dream yet it’s a reality. Am really so happy for your support through your donation of laptops to all those who need them me included.
You have hearts of gold that are rarely to be found in this world and I pray that God continues to bless you and may you continue helping those in need and I promise I will always do the same as long as am able to lend a hand. 


This mean a lot to me, and it just showed me that people care for me and are willing to help me through my online study.


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