Anxious to Help

What do you do with a used computer?  You find Silas.  He knows exactly what do to.

Over the past year, he has picked up 117 desktop computers from TechCharities and placed then with members of his church for family history work. Now, he recently moved to a new ward, and he is starting over to help those in need.  Hats off to Silas….always anxious to help. 

Want to help Silas? And Others? 

Let us know if you have some laptops or desktops to donate. If needed, we will wipe the drive or replace it with a solid-state drive, add Ram up to at least 8 gigabytes, and install Windows 10 pro.   

The administrative fee for a desktop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse is usually about $30.  Laptops are about $65. Some are not able to pay the administrative fee and the fee is covered by generous financial contributions of others. 

The desktops that Silas gave to those in need were donated by CaptionCall in Salt Lake City.  

We say thank you to the many in our community who are so willing to help others in need.