Help Start Education Foundation (HSEF)


TechCharities has teamed up with Help Start Education Foundation (HSEF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. HSEF provides computers to BYU-Pathway students in underdeveloped areas where the cost of education is beyond their economic reach.

Donations to Help Start Education Foundation along with donations to TechCharities are used to help cover the costs of TechCharities to acquire, refurbish, and ship the computers to the student.

The purpose of HSEF is summarized on their website: 
“With donated funds from contributors, students from across many Pacific Islands, West Africa, and the Philippines are receiving computers to work on and complete their online BYU Pathway certificates and degrees from universities such as BYU-Idaho.”


“Our vision is to enable educational opportunities by providing computers to help students access and complete BYU Pathway Worldwide certificate and degree programs from universities such as BYU- Idaho. Access to computers will build and strengthen the temporal and spiritual lives of the students, their families, and their communities.”