How to set up your computer

It is easy to set up a computer …..Usually!  
But, sometimes things just seem to not work.  
What can you do if you have questions?
  1.  Google the question on the internet
  2. Talk to a friend
  3.  Talk to your agency counselor
  4. Join a TechCharities Zoom discussion.  (

Hardware Support

Your computer has been upgraded, refurbished, and tested.  
You can tell that it has been tested by the little green dot on the laptop. 🙂
But, if something goes wrong , this is what you can do:
  1.  If you do not like the device, you may return it within 30 days for full refund. Return it in the original box and include the receipt. Customer pays for return shipping to TechCharities.
  2. Computer hardware (SSDs, ram, battery) is guaranteed for 6 months. If something goes wrong with the hardware, return the device in the original box and include receipt. TechCharities pays for shipping.