How to Order

Everyone needs a computer and we are happy to help.

Many have donated computers and money to keep the cost low.

These instructions are for those who live in rural  areas of Utah and others in Utah who are not able to visit our office. 




Order your computer in three easy steps:


  1. Pre-qualify by showing need.

  2. Select the device you want

  3. Pay a small adminstrative fee once your order is confirmed.

1. Pre-Qualify

How to Pre-Qualify:

  1. Send a picture or letter of a qualifying income-based assistant program such as SNAP or TANF

  2. Or, send a note from your church leader or a community agency such as DWFS confirming your need.

  3. Or, Provide a document showing your low income level. 

Send your pre-qualifying document to    Include your name and city that you live in. 

Or, complete the short form below. 

2. Select your Computer


Shipping is free 

Households are limited to one order.  

Two devices may be ordered but one of the two must be a Chromebook or mini desktop.

Agencies may order multiple computers. Contact

3. Pay for your computer

*Please don’t pay until you are approved by TechCharities.

After you have sent your document to qualify and you are approved by TechCharities, you will receive a notice to pay for your computer.  Once approved, pay for your selected item(s) below.