BYU Pathway Computers

For students living in the United States.

How to Order

 Order your computer in three easy steps:

  1. Confirm that you are a BYU Pathway student (Shipping to USA only.)

  2. Select the device you want

  3. Pay a small adminstrative fee once your order is confirmed.

1.Confirm student status to Pre-qualify (required)

How to Pre-Qualify:

Go to your Pathway portal. Choose: enrollment verificaton. Send a screenshot of the enrollment verification to   Include your name and address and the computer you want.

Or, complete the short form below. 

2. Select your Computer

Shipping is free. USA only 

Students are limited to one order.  

Two devices may be ordered, but one of the two must be a Chromebook or mini desktop.

BYU Pathway missionaries may order multiple computers. Contact

3. Pay for your computer

*Please don’t pay until you are approved by TechCharities.

After you have sent your document to qualify and you are approved by TechCharities, you will receive a notice to pay for your computer.  Once approved, pay for your selected item(s) below.