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  • Conor Rollins


    My companies physical location is closing due to the team working remote. We have quite a bit of equipment we are no longer using that could potentially be put to use by your organization.

    Please respond and I can give more details on the items that can be given a second life.


  • Heather Burt

    I am interested in two laptop computers possibly with a cd drive, and writer. I would like to make an appointment for tomorrow Wednesday 8/12/20. Do you have any appointments available tomorrow, and what time. Please call me at8016083931, Heather Burt, I received your information from Kanika Lodge.


    Heather Burt

  • Jessica Rosa

    I’m reaching out from American One English Schools about getting some laptops for our students. We have developed an online curriculum to help with COVID-19 concerns. However, not all students have the equipment necessary for the online curriculum. I’d love to chat more about how this process works. Would it be better to receive laptops from you and distribute them to students ourselves? Or should we send students to you individually?
    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • admin

      Hi Jessica,
      It looks like things are moving along very well. We have had a large number of your students call or drop by. We are still short on laptops but we have about 20 Chromebooks this week and 100 desk tops.
      Best to you

  • Lizeth


    What is the phone number to make an appointment? I have a few people that are interested in purchasing.

    Thank you,

  • Melissa Sommer

    Hi, i am a single mother of a 3mo old and in a recovey program, House of Hope. I am about to be starting school and could really use a laptop, especially since a lot of school is doing zoom. I see that laptops aren’t very common for you, how would i go about reserving one? I also see that you have a lot of the chrome books. They have cameras to don’t they? Would it be reasonable to do school on one? Please get back to me ASAP.

    Also, what kind of verification would you need from me to verify i’m low income?

  • Stacey Chappell

    I work for DWS at a homeless shelter. As an employment counselor, I help people get jobs or training. I have a gentleman who starts school on Sept. 7 and is iterested in buying a laptop. Can you tell me what the process is- do you need a letter from me? Any help is appreciated.

    • admin

      We are happy to help your gentleman who starts school on Sept. 7. Have him come to our office and we will help. We always ask which agency they are from and you do not need to send a letter. Thanks for the good work you are doing.

  • Adrian Herrera

    Hi my name’s Adrian Herrera I’m getting ready to apply for online classes at Slcc and I’m in need of a laptop I was wondering if you still had the touch screen Chromebooks and how much one would cost

  • Nathalie Jacoby


    I’m student @ Kaysville Adult Education and I would like to enjoy the possibility to purchase a laptop. I got a letter from the school as proof.
    Could you let me know if you still have cavailable laptops. I could pick it up this week

    Best regards,

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