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    Workshop Success!

    Goal met! TechCharities recently teamed up with Digitunity and Easter Seals- Goodwill and provided multiple workshops and helped over 100 individuals learn more about Cybersecurity and Internet Basics! We were able to provide people with the basic skills and knowledge needed to use digital devices and tools to engage in today’s digital world. Each participant was given a free Chromebook. We hope to do more workshops in the future! A special thanks to Jennifer Foster @ Easter Seals- Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain Inc for providing the space and helping to arrange each workshop.

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    Workshop #2 was a success! Participants learned about Internet Basics and Cybersecurity! What is ‘Internet Basics’? This in-person workshop is for those who are new to the internet or want to build more confidence finding information online and navigating websites. Attendees will learn about web browsers and search engines, build skills to navigate the internet, and discover tips and tricks for basic and advanced searching online. What is ‘Cybersecurity’? This in-person workshop is for those who are interested in safety online and want to protect themselves from fraudsters and scams. It will build participants’ confidence when they are visiting websites, creating passwords, and responding to email. ONE WORKSHOP LEFT! Join us…

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    It’s more important than ever for everyone to have basic digital literacy skills. With support from @Digitunity and @ATT, TECHCHARITIES will be providing a free digital literacy program in Salt Lake City! We look forward to helping everyone develop basic skills to use technology more confidently and safely. Please email admin@techcharities.org if interested in attending one of our last two workshops! Workshop #2 will be August 4th and Workshop #3 will be September 1st! A special thanks to Jennifer Foster @ Easter Seals- Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah for hosting the workshops!

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    The Lord’s Hands

    TechCharities partners with organizations like, The Lord’s Hands. Their mission is to help BYU Pathway students in Africa. Steve K Mutombo serves as the President of The Lord’s Hands. He is a remarkable leader with vision and persistence.  In the picture above, he is standing next to two of his trusted members of his advisory board, Lorri  Cummings and RickHutchins.  Steve, always gracious, sent the following letter to the staff at TechCharities. Dear Partners at Tech Charity: Thanks to our partnership, we have been able to reach more students than ever before and equip them with the necessary tools to pursue their academic dreams. The laptops that you have helped…

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    Help Start Education Foundation (HSEF)

    TechCharities has teamed up with Help Start Education Foundation (HSEF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. HSEF provides computers to BYU-Pathway students in underdeveloped areas where the cost of education is beyond their economic reach. Donations to Help Start Education Foundation along with donations to TechCharities are used to help cover the costs of TechCharities to acquire, refurbish, and ship the computers to the student. The purpose of HSEF is summarized on their website:  “With donated funds from contributors, students from across many Pacific Islands, West Africa, and the Philippines are receiving computers to work on and complete their online BYU Pathway certificates and degrees from universities such as BYU-Idaho.” HSEF VISION…

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    International Efforts

    How easy is it to do home work on a cell phone?  It is not easy!  That is why TechCharities is committed to helping every student get a laptop for their school work.   Over the past several years, TechCharities has provided over 2500 laptops to students. Many of the students are BYU Pathway students in Utah, Africa, and Pacific Islands.  This has been possible because of a partnership with other non profit agencies and individuals that have helped to fund and distribute the laptops.   BYU Pathway Students in Calabar, Uyo, and Akwaibom meet at the Nigeria Calabar Stake April 3, 2023 to receive laptops.  The laptops were provided to these students…

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    TechCharities is now WikiCharities Validated!

    What is WikiCharities validation? Validation by WikiCharities means that a nonprofit has been evaluated by WikiCharities in key areas of organization and management and is certified to be fully transparent. Key areas include contact, philosophy and approach, financial health, and impact.  WikiCharities makes the information provided by the nonprofit publicly viewable. Click HERE to go to our Wikicharities page!

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    Anxious to Help

    What do you do with a used computer?  You find Silas.  He knows exactly what do to. Over the past year, he has picked up 117 desktop computers from TechCharities and placed then with members of his church for family history work. Now, he recently moved to a new ward, and he is starting over to help those in need.  Hats off to Silas….always anxious to help.  Want to help Silas? And Others?  Let us know if you have some laptops or desktops to donate. If needed, we will wipe the drive or replace it with a solid-state drive, add Ram up to at least 8 gigabytes, and install Windows…