We help qualified families and students reach their goals and improve their quality of life by providing computer and training
We give free (nearly free) computers to those in need. 
Find out about our organization, who we work with, and how we provide support to those in need.
Every computer that is donated helps someone in need. All administrative support is volunteer.
It is easy to qualify for a (nearly) free computer or Chrombook.   Find out how to get a computer and what the fees are.
Used laptops and Chromebooks are in high demand.  We are happy to pick up your devices or you can drop them off at our office. 


  • Tracy F Jamison

    I just wanted to share my appreciation of how your organization is helping people. Lower income families need to be able to have access to a home computer and keeping up with the digital world .

    Their ability to have communication online, fill out forms, apply for jobs or keep in touch with thier families, friends, school, doctor’s and employers is so important to their sucess!

    Your charitable donations, time and work helps in ways you don’t see once your customers walk out the door. I wanted to remind you, that, what you do makes a difference. Thank You!

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