A (nearly) free computer is available for those who qualify.

It is easy to get a computer desktop, laptop, or Chromebook.  
Contact the agency that you work with (such as Work Force Services, BYU Pathway, Catholic Community Services,…) and request their endorsement.
Or, just visit our office if you qualify as low income and see if there is a computer that you like. (If you are on TANF or FEP you qualify. )
Our office is located at 50 North 600 West, Suite C in Salt Lake City.  See the map in Contacts.  We are on the south end of the building, sidewalk level.
Office hours are Monday from 10:00 am to noon.  

Are the computers really free? Well, sort of. There is a small administrative fee to help cover some of the costs.

But every computer is a great deal. Most of the costs of the computers are covered by generous contributions.

Here is a summary of the fees clients pay for a used computer:





      • Alicia Ramirez

        I would love a laptop since I’m currently homeless and on section 8 housjng looking for a place. I’m disabled and on SSI but do landscaping side work for a lil extra income. The laptop would help me get on the internet and look for other resources that can help me and also going back to school soon and recently graduated from the westside leadership institute and want to further my education and work from home once I get a place .

  • Daniel Dearman

    I am a full time student who’s furthering my education by taking online courses. My current laptop is extremely old and super slow, and sadly stops working frequently. I cannot afford a new one. I an low income and currently receive snap benefits. If there is anyway possible for assistance or guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and God Bless in advance,
    Daniel Dearman

    • admin

      Your best course is to contact and apply to The Lords Hands or Help Start Education Foundation. We are not shipping to Africa at the moment except through The Lord’s Hands Good luck.

  • Travis Heroux

    I am a Jr at Dixie High in St George, can I get one? I need to do math home work but I also do AFJRTOC flight school. It requires a fast processor for the flight simulator.

  • Troy Graves

    I was referred y workforce services. I am going to be going back to slcc real soon I went there a year ago and while I was there people had laptops and chromebook had there laptop for there school books and then they could do there assignment on the chromebook. So you question is is it possible to get both

  • Ghislaine Richards

    Do you still have chrome books and computers available? I teach English to adult immigrants. They are interested in getting a chrome book.

      • Renae Flores

        Hi! I have a high risk health daughter who is doing online charter school. She was not provided a laptop so she has been using ours which is now not working. She does need an actual laptop as Chromebook doesn’t support all she needs it to do. Is there any way she can get one? Also, is there any way you would be willing to just mail it. We are trying to avoid public outings as much as possible. We are happy to pay the fees.

  • John Blanken

    I am currently living in the shelter out on West North Temple. What do I need to bring with me to qualify as low income?

    • admin

      Your best course is to contact and apply to The Lords Hands or Help Start Education Foundation. We are not shipping to Africa at the moment except through The Lord’s Hands Good luck.

  • Tina Mejia

    Im a single mom of 3 and my lil girls lap top died and she does online school how can i get a lap top for her i have no income just 629 social security my 9yr old son gets each month

  • Ronald Jackson

    I am doing a recovery group online and I need a laptop fast and running out of money. However I have put up 50 or 60 dollars to buy on
    please contact Me via e-mail so I can receive one thanks so much. Sincerely Ron Jackson