Donate Computers

Since 2013, TechCharities has received, refurbished, and distributed donated laptops to agencies, households, and students. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide for those in need and provide access to affordable laptops and training. 


Request for Corporate Laptops

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are taken to maintain data security and reduce corporate liability?
  1. Tag each donated laptop with a unique ID (for traceability and verification of work)
  2. Wipe all data disks with Kill Disk (single pass) or BitRaser NIS 800-88 (multiple pass)
  3. Provide certificate of date destruction, as requested.
  4. Remove all ID and tags of donating corporation.
  5. Test, upgrade, inspect, load operating system, and power up.
  6. Print label with specifications and UR code that is linked to the work performed.
How are the laptops distributed?
About 80% are distributed to households in Utah and 20% to students internationally.  Computers may be ordered online and mailed, picked up at TechCharities’ office, or distributed through other non-profit agencies. Most laptops are distributed through other agencies such as Catholic Community Services, Workforce Services, IRC, USU Extension, and BYU Pathway.
How are the costs of refurbishing, shipping, and distribution covered?  
Management and most staff are volunteers. Overhead and shipping costs are covered by financial donations. Clients, when possible, also pay a small administrative fee to help offset the costs.
Is TechCharities willing to pay a fee to the company donating the laptops? 
Yes. If necessary, TechCharities will pay a fee to help offset the loss of income that the company would have received by selling the laptop. The company can also receive a tax credit for the donation to TechCharities, a 501c3 corporation.