How to Help

There are 3 easy ways to help!

  • You can volunteer your time
  • You can donate your old computers and Chromebooks
  • You can donate a few dollars
Volunteers make the program work.  Used computers are cleaned, upgraded, and refurbished with  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.
Volunteers also help customers select the right computer and they help them get started if needed.
If you want to volunteer, please fill out the form below.

To donate computers

To donate computers to BYU Pathway

To volunteer , please send us a note.

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    To make a financial donation, please click on the button "DONATE" below or send money through Venmo.



    Some devices are given without a fee.  Some laptops are sold for a minimal administrative fee to cover some of the costs.  

    Ha, that is why we are called “non-profit”! 

    Thank you kindly for your donation.